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Dedicated to inner and outer self care rituals that restore body and soul

The Space

Welcome to CASAYOGA, a sanctuary for fitness and self-care rituals. Our studios aren't just places to sweat, here you will step into an environment designed to promote rejuvenation for body, mind and spirit. Every detail has been carefully curated and designed to embrace your well-being. We want you to feel right at home every time you visit any of our locations. This is why from the moment you walk in you will feel welcomed into an ambiance that promotes relaxation and positive energy, no bullshit or big ego's, just peace. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a holistic, mindful and spiritual approach to self care, fitness and living. This is why our method is much more than just fitness. We want to help you fall in love with your workout time and see it a sacred ritual instead of a chore. This change of mentality towards exercise is key to integrating it into our everyday lives. This is why your time at the studio is our top priority. We create a supportive community around exercise and make it a fun and renewing experience every time.

Our Classes

All of the classes at CASAYOGA are creative and inspiring full body workouts that focus primarily on empowering you through breath and movement. Whether it's a heart pumping session or a restorative one, each class will strengthen your whole body and restore your energy levels, so you feel more balanced and connected. Just you, but better.

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